After MTV revealed 16 and expectant last year watchers couldn’t waiting to see the crisis.

After MTV revealed 16 and expectant last year watchers couldn’t waiting to see the crisis.

The show following 16-year-old pregnant teenagers through sad conclusion like offering their unique babies upwards for use, getting out of the groups domiciles, and finishing college got the initial of their kinds and a controversial any at this.

Critics dreaded the tv show glorified teenager maternity and warned babes happened to be going to get expecting hoping they may be regarding the TV show.

Inspite of the backlash, the tv show recognized five successful conditions plus a number of teenage Mom twist offs soon after adolescents like Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, that have being full-blown famous people (and sex sites stars). Exactly what happened towards the lesser known babes of 16 and Pregnant?

Many girls have actually four kiddies, some experienced problems with the law, and sadly one tragically passed on. Read on observe in which these are typically today.

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Kayla Jordan

Exactly who these were: Kayla Jordan, a beauty pageant contestant just who liked ponies and shooting weapons, showed up on period 2. While she was at high-school she have pregnant by the girl sweetheart J.R. and he recommended to her about tv series. Jordan had been unwilling to stepping into his quarters because she is dependent on this lady moms and dads and don’t need surrender that living. Who!

The reason why They don’t Get a Spin Off: Jordan took they Twitter to go over her fury that their month of 16 And Pregnant don’t bring a spin off. She tweeted, “you-know-what really becomes myself? Witnessing many of these some other ‘teen moms’ create decent money and move on to do cool items but our period just got missed think its great got little.” Ouch!

In which Will they be today: In a special interview with RadarOnline in 2010 Jordan discussed how she not any longer felt like a teenager and discussed the the woman battles juggling class and a baby. Kayla and J.R split up and she found people new called Zach Bedwell and had gotten involved. They’d a son known as Bryce in 2015 nevertheless couples parted ways and she met another man, Dakota Jones. The happy couple have hitched and she launched in April 2018 that she is planning on infant number three.

Lizzie Waller

Just who they certainly were: Lizzie Waller ended up being a Virginia child in Season 2 and got expecting by the girl boyfriend Skylar Sickles. She had been passionate to perform their music dreams but have an unrealistic view of what pregnancy intended for the woman as an adolescent. She considered everything would feel best as well as over looked Sickles cheating on show.

Precisely why They Didn’t bring a spin-off: enthusiasts could not think their choice to forgive their boyfriend after he cheated on her with her pal and blasted the girl because of it. Waller stayed of social media marketing aside from a private Twitter levels and nearly vanished from community attention following the show aired.

Where Will they be today: Waller and Sickles’ drama continuing until they at some point divorced 24 months after marriage. Fortunate for Waller she came across Dave Mortensen who’s three youngsters of their own and the couple is interested. It was last reported that she was actually seeking a vocation as a dental associate, completing evening classes also obtained a hobby—skydiving! Although she most likely must promote her brand new activity a break because she was actually anticipating baby number two with Mortenson in Summer 2018.

Jamie McKay

Whom they certainly were: Jamie McKay had been a 17 yr old older from North Carolina and was the star on period 3. She got an honor pupil and on pupil council but got pregnant by her sweetheart Ryan McElrath. Unfortunately McElrath was edarling a mess right away and would usually fight along with her mummy about his behavior. McElrath could dismiss McKay and she couldn’t get a hold of your when she gone into labor. He fundamentally showed up hungover five time afterwards towards the hospital. When she gone back to class she also realized which he have been cheating on her behalf for a couple of months. McKay did not have a father developing up-and wanted to keep attempting but put an end to the connection and made a decision to let the courts determine their particular custody arrangement.

Why They failed to become a spin-off: Mckay and McElrath got a nasty custody fight with accusations of drunk driving and cocaine misuse. Between the 2 of those these people were also arrested 4 occasions last year. MTV introduced a particular webisode catching up making use of girls from period 3 in which they were able to talk candidly about birth control as well as their life and McKay unveiled that she went back to college full-time.

In which Will they be Now: in spite of the custody fight McKay returned as well as McElrath. In 2012 McKay published an image of an ultrasound claiming that she suffered a miscarriage, but afterwards acknowledge that she have an abortion. The couple got one minute son or daughter in 2015 next split for good after. McKay discovered admiration once again and started dating one for several years known as David. The happy couple got involved and offered birth their basic kid in Summer 2018.

Valerie Fairman

Exactly who they were: Valerie Fairman got very expected periods associated with period after a trailer was launched of the woman yelling at the woman newborns pops Matt Pryce. Pryce failed to think Neveah had been his despite them “having intercourse, ALOT” and she had to bring a DNA examination to show it. Fairman is an attractive lady and her temper and actions towards the woman parents is recorded due to the fact period continued.

Precisely why They don’t bring a spin-off: Fairman’s moms and dads desired she had never done the tv show and she is detained for allegedly assaulting the woman mommy right after they concluded shooting. She was actually bullied online for her every move additionally the fame got a lot to handle.

Where Are They Now: unfortuitously for Fairman in addition to 16 and expecting neighborhood this lady lifetime concluded in tragedy. She ended up being detained for prostitution in 2015 which made nationwide statements, and battled with medicine habits. She was in and out-of rehab for five years before she overdosed within her buddy’s restroom. The woman child Neveah today resides with her grandma and stocks this lady mothers ashes in a locket.

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